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Former Refugees & New Zealand

Amnesty International: Community Sponsorship Programme of Refugees

BACK the pilot programme of community sponsorship of refugees: join Amnesty International New Zealand to learn more about the community sponsorship pilot programme, an international, community-led model that is being trialled this year in New Zealand:


Commitment: ONE-OFF, educational, potential for longer-term involvement

Social Media Expert - Changemakers Refugee Forum

Put the fact you’re a millennial to good use: SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT needed to develop a strategy to help Changemakers Refugee Forum to expand how they tell their story and determine who best to share their story with. More info here:


Commitment: 3 - 4 HOURS OVER 1 - 2 WEEKS

Design a Marketing Campaign - Changemakers Refugee Forum

Flex your creative muscles: DESIGN A MARKETING CAMPAIGN for Changemakers Refugee Forum, so that they can spread the word about their fundraising event More info here:


Commitment: 8 - 10 HOURS OVER 1 - 2 WEEKS

Opportunity to carry your campaign through to fruition, going beyond just the design to managing implementation of the campaign

HR/Governance Experience - Changemakers Refugee Forum

Have HR or governance experience? Help Changemakers Refugee Forum SET SOME KPIs so that they can operate more efficiently when reporting to the Board. More info here:


Commitment: 4 - 6 HOURS OVER 2 - 3 WEEKS

Teach Former Refugees to Drive

If you have your full driver’s licence for more than 2 years, TEACH FORMER REFUGEES TO DRIVE here in Porirua for 2 one-hour sessions a week. The learners provide the car and they have had lessons with a driving instructor before they transfer to a volunteer. Contact or call the Changemakers Refugee Forum on 04 801 5812 for more info.


Or, if you’re a female over 25, there’s a specific need for you to pair with a woman from a refugee background to practice driving - this can mean teaching FROM WOE TO GO! Contact or call 04 801 5812 for more info.


Support Social Enterprises that Support Refugees

Support social enterprises SUPPORTING REFUGEES: get yourself some delicious baklava or a lunch roll made by former refugees here in Wellington ( or gift yourself or a friend a comfy cute pair of organic cotton underwear also made here in Wellington by former refugees: (

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Our relationship with non-human animals

Join the New Zealand Animal Law Association (NZALA)

​The New Zealand Animal Law Association are engaged in several ongoing projects promoting animal welfare in New Zealand (lawyers only).

From Danielle Duffield, President of the NZALA:

In terms of law reform projects, we are working on a report on the connection between domestic violence and animal cruelty, and law reform options available to address this connection. We are also doing research into egg labelling issues, following the allegations regarding Palace Poultry earlier this year. The Ministry for Primary Industries is also currently developing animal welfare regulations, and we have made submissions and attended consultation sessions with them in relation to the proposals. This is an ongoing process and we will be making further submissions, and attending further consultations, as the next set of regulations are proposed. Additionally, we hope to soon prepare a report examining factory farming and the law, and suggesting reform options.

Becoming a member is free and can be quickly done at:

Educate yourself further

Recommendations from SCC and Dr Luke Wilson:

Movies: ‘Forks Over Knives’, ‘Eating You Alive’, and ‘What the Health’, 'Cowspiracy' (on Netflix) 

Books: The Starch Solution (John McDougall), The China Study (T. Colin Campbell), Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (Caldwell Esselstyn) and How Not to Die (Michael Greger).

Dr Greger’s website is also brilliant.

Talk to your doctor about going vegan

From Dr Luke Wilson:

Another awesome action that could be taken would be to inform your own doctor about [veganism]. Kaiser Permanente who are well-respected and the largest managed care organisation in the US and published this article back in 2013 that people could take to their doctors:


This would also be helpful for any who decide to change their diet themselves so their GP can understand why and appreciate how healthy it is.

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Homelessness in Wellington

Dwell Housing Trust Board of Trustees Internship

This internship provides a platform for an individual to contribute at a governance level to this incredible organisation. Dwell is particular excited about having a millennials perspective on the Board, as young people are disproportionately affected by the housing crisis. 

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Special Circumstances Court Report

To go through the Special Circumstances Court, the offender must have pleaded guilty, cannot be charged with anything very serious and must have an identifiable need (for example addiction, mental health, accommodation) and the person must also be motivated to change.  Those working in the Court then connect the client with the appropriate agency to identify rehabilitation and treatment routes.

The Special Circumstances Court would like a report analysing the success of the Court to date.


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