New Zealand needs more young people on Boards,

want to be one of them?

Millennials are the largest segment in New Zealand and currently make up half the working population. The way we learn, communicate, transact and live is very different from our parents and grandparents.


Despite the importance of young people’s contribution to society, the average age of directors in NZ is around 60 and overall the age of board directors is trending up.


Working with young board members allows for boards to keep in touch with a broader range of audiences and have the diversity of thought to genuinely view systems and decisions with fresh eyes. 

We are developing a group of young people (35 and under) who are interested in developing their Board skills and Board positions. Fill out the form below to join this group and keep up to date with upcoming opportunities. 

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Youth Governance Workshops

Do you have an eye for strategy and impact? Want to upskill and add a board membership to your resume? Unsure how to go about it, what the criteria is, or if you have valuable skills?

The average age of directors in New Zealand is 60, and it is trending up. However, we know that it is important to have young voices in our local governance roles.


Social Change Collective Youth Governance Workshops are for young people (20 - 35). These half-day workshops will help you understand how boards work, what you need to do to become a board member, and where you can best upskill to become an effective board member. We also bring together a panel of experienced board members to answer all your questions.

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