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Bagging on plastic

We don’t have a single-use planet - so why on earth do we still have single-use plastic bags?

The Social Change Collective’s third event discussed single-use plastic bags. This was a timely topic to discuss as it is ‘Plastic-free July’. It is a very current issue with an increase in both consumers making an effort to change their behaviours and both consumers and businesses putting increasing pressure on the Government to put a legislative solution in place to reduce single-use plastic bag consumption.

We collectively discussed single-use plastic bags from a public policy perspective, a business perspective and a consumer perspective. It was a great platform of discussion and we were fortunate to have a panel of 4 fantastic speakers:

Denise Roche - Green Party MP (Auckland Central Electorate) - Waste spokesperson

Denise is very active surrounding the issue of plastic and waste. She contributed insightful ways as to how we can increase pressure on the government to introduce legislation.

Councillor David Lee - Wellington City Council - Alternative waste representative

Councillor David Lee contributed fantastic input around the practicalities of legislative change particularly around introducing a levy along with the Wellington City Councils perspective on plastic.

Sarah Child - Boomerang Bags Wellington

Boomerang Bags is an incredible community focused initiative with the goal of reducing and eliminating single-use plastic bags, by diverting textiles and fabric from landfill.

Laura-Kate Howells - Educator - The Sustainability Trust

The Sustainability Trust supports people and businesses to live more sustainable lifestyles. Laura-Kate provided us with some really interesting insight into the waste minimisation programs the Sustainability Trust does with businesses along with her inspiring sustainable lifestyle journey.

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