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Design thinking : Domestic Violence

How might we make a better community for our NZ women and families?

Coming up with an idea is easy. Coming up with the right one takes work. With design thinking, throwing out what you think you know and starting from scratch opens up all kinds of possibilities.

In our fourth event, we learnt about the basic principles of design thinking and how to apply this to one of New Zealand’s most serious social issues: Domestic Violence. One in three women in Aotearoa will experience some form of abuse within their relationship, with many more coming dangerously close.

New Zealand Police record a family violence investigation on average every five minutes. New Zealand has the highest rate of domestic violence in the world. Not just that. 80% of domestic and family violence incidents go unreported.

We must do better. This event was designed to create awareness around domestic violence and integrated new methods of tackling complex social issues. We were fortunate enough to have two passionate key speakers:

Jim Scully, the Founder and Managing Director of ThinkPlace presented to us how his organisation utilises design thinking to manage difficult and complex social issues and accelerate social innovations.

Rob Veale, an advisor specialising in enhancing safety through providing domestic violence and general violence reduction expertise to government agencies, local government, social service providers, healthcare professionals and community groups. Rob served in the New Zealand Police for thirty years, with the majority of his service leading national policy and practice development in the area of family violence and violence reduction.

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