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How to do good better

It feels nice to help others. Many of us have the intention and resources to provide either our skills or money to people in need but face the paralysing issue of how to start or who to give to.

Social Change Collective's fifth event centred on effective altruism, a movement based on accomplishing the most good we can with our limited time, energy, and resources.

After a brief introduction to the topic, we heard from the founders of three organisations that are helping Wellingtonians use their time and/or money to help others.

The founder (and Chief Doer of Things) of the One Percent Collective, Pat Shepherd, provided us with the story of the One Percent Collective, inspiring a number of audience members to join the One Percent Collective and donate a percentage of their income.

Christine Langdon, who is in the process of launching The Good Registry, a social enterprise that facilitates 'paying forward' for events such as birthdays and Christmas, discussed its short history and bright future, collaborating with the audience to get ideas for its development and future.

Last but by no means least, Poppy Norton, one of the founders of Collaborate (a mobile app that connects young people to volunteer opportunities that match their skills and interests), told the story behind their success. Collaborate is founded upon three core values that aptly summed up the ethos of the evening:

1. Community is at the heart of everything

2. Everyone has a skill that can make a difference

3. Doing good should be fun and easy

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