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2018 Kickoff event with Chlöe Swarbrick

The Social Change Collective kicked off 2018 with a welcome event at Meow with Chlöe Swarbrick.

Chlöe is an incredibly impressive individual who shared her story with us about what led her to politics and why she has chosen politics as her platform to facilitate change. Regardless of everybody's political colours, it was inspiration to her about Chloe's journey and what motivates her.

Chlöe ran for Auckland Mayor and gained almost 30,000 votes and came third. All on a shoestring budget! She then joined the Greens Party and is the Greens spokesperson on a range of portfolios including Education, Arts, Small Business and Broadcasting. She has worked in radio, run a range of businesses, and opened an art gallery (just to name a few impressive achievements). Her story really aligned with our aim to provide a platform for people to come better informed of societal challenges and how to find actionable solutions. Discussing the role politics plays in this was a fantastic way to kick up the Social Change Collective for 2018!

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