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New Zealand's Dirty Little Secret: Our Freshwater

The Social Change Collective’s next event will be focused on the degradation of New Zealand's freshwater environments. We have three very exciting speakers addressing different aspects of this important issue. Catherine Knight, an environmental historian, will provide a historical perspective on the topic. She is the author of "New Zealand's Rivers: An Environmental History". Dr Mike Joy, a freshwater ecologist, will address the science behind the current state of New Zealand's freshwater environments, especially in relation to what he terms our "deadly nitrogen addiction". Jacinta Ruru, a Professor of Law at the University of Otago, will speak to the Māori point of view of this issue. She has written prolifically in this area, including advocating for the legal personality of water in New Zealand. As always drinks and nibbles provided!

We have four main actions for the event.:

1. Reduce/stop consuming dairy and red meat products

2. Switch to eco-friendly leaning products/shampoos/detergents

3. Save the McKenzie Basin: sign the Greenpeace petition

4. NZ water quality standards re-set: submission writing group

These and other actions will be formally shared for "sign ups" through our Facebook page and the Collaborate app after the event.

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