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'Tis the season to be sustainable

Christmas lights and bargain signs are starting to pop up around the capital. But how can we be conscious consumers among the Christmas chaos? The Social Change Collective’s next event will focus on transforming the silly season into the sustainable season. We will hear from a number of New Zealand businesses who are embedding sustainability into their models, to reduce their carbon footprint or to deliver positive social outcomes. Our speaker panel includes Christian Pilkington (Trade Aid), Danny Pritchard (Duffle & Co), Lucy Kebbell (Commonsense Organics) and Jesse Finn (Peoples Coffee) - facilitated by the lovely Elisha Watson (NISA).

We have five actions to share with you:

1. Bring along clothes/Christmas gifts for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal

2. Sign up to Conscious Consumers

3. Purchase one ethical gift this year - we recommend the Good Gift Card from the Good Registry or something from the Hopper Home Eco Shop!

4. Encourage charitable Christmas giving at your workplace

5. Follow our speakers on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to learn more We think our final event for the year calls for a bit of socialising and reflection too. Whether you’re new to the Social Change Collective, or you’ve been to every event so far (if so, legend!) we want to hear your thoughts on where to next.

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