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Fill plates, not landfills

The first Social Change Collective event of 2019 - Fill your plates, not landfills. We explored the issue of food waste. We were joined by some fantastic speakers who educated and empowered us by sharing with us the incredible work they do to educate, reduce and redistribute food waste.

Food waste is a big issue - both residentially and commercially. Kiwi households throw out about $560 of food each year. This has a financial, social and environmental impact.

We heard from the following incredible speakers:

Matt Dagger - Kaibosh

Kaibosh stops quality food from being needlessly discarded and makes sure it reaches those in the Wellington region who need it most. Matt became the General Manager of Kaibosh in 2012. Since then, Kaibosh has grown and was recently nominated for the New Zealander of the Year Community Category Award. Matt is a humble kind of guy, but Kaibosh would simply not be here today without him.

Sheldon Levet - Kaicycle

Kaicycle collects food scraps from homes and businesses in Wellington and takes it to an urban farm. They turn that waste into useful compost, rather than filling our landfills with methane. Sheldon talked about composting, Kaicycle, food waste not being waste, soil health and urban farming.

Aviva Stein - Wellington City Council

Aviva talked to us about unnecessary food waste from a local government perspective. Aviva has assisted with Wellington's involvement in the Love Food Hate Waste - New Zealand campaign, which is all about getting Kiwis to reduce their food waste and save money at home



- Put your Food Waste Champion poster on the fridge for lots of ideas on how you can take the lead to reduce your food waste at home or in your flat.

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Thank you to our wonderful photographer @chloe_eberly

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