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The Wars at Home: The lesson you missed

At school, we heard about the battle of the Somme and the attack on Pearl Harbour but we didn’t hear about the Battle of Gate Pā or the attack on Parihaka.

To change this, in November, the Social Change Collective invited Dr. Vincent O’Malley to school us on the New Zealand Wars.

Dr. O’Malley explained the context that lead to the NZ Wars before providing an overview of some of the major battles. He corrected some of the most common misconceptions about the Wars and emphasised the on-going impacts of the wars today.

At the end of our lesson, we outlined some actions we can all take to improve our country’s knowledge of this important part of our history:

1. Educate yourself

2. Educate others

  • Organize a talk/training at your work

  • Share what you have learnt with others

  • Encourage conversations

3. Educate Government

  • To protect significant land war sites

  • To put resources towards education about and protection of sites

  • Involve the local Iwi in decisions

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