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Wait, this doesn’t seem fair – the Future of Tax in New Zealand

Tax is a both a confusing and polarising topic. 

Following Labour’s announcement that a Capital Gains Tax is off the table, reactions ranged from rage to disbelief; and from delight to someone in a pig costume bringing the Tax Payers Union champagne. 

But while people are divided on whether New Zealand needs a Capital Gains Tax, most of us agree our current tax system is not working. Inequality continues to grow, public funding needs are getting more demanding and the gap between people with four holiday houses and those with no house at all is getting more and more stark. So where to from here?

Luckily, we know are few people who shared some big ideas about the future of tax in New Zealand. 

  • Andrea Black, an international tax specialist and the Independent Advisor to the Tax Working Group;

  • Dr Marjan van den Belt, Ecological Economist, Strategic Partner with Terra Moana Ltd, member of the Tax Working Group, previously; Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability) at Victoria University

  • Max Rashbrooke, academic, journalist and author of Wealth and New Zealand.

As an added bonus, singer/songwriter and piano extraordinaire Arjuna Oakes played for us. This was an excellent event – who knew tax could be so stimulating!


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